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Premium Stethoscope

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Passionate Care Stethoscope, Its Not Just a Tool But Also a Statement!

You are passionate about what you do and quite frankly what you do is serious. Look, you have worked hard to earn peoples respect and after all of your schooling and sacrifice why would you hang a stethoscope around your neck that says “I have limited experience and I am only kind of serious about what I do?”   No!

But that is the message that your peers and more importantly your patients and their family perceive when you use a hospital supplied, basic, or a low end stethoscope. Let’s not kid ourselves even the top brands have thin and lower end stethoscopes that serve better as Halloween costumes than diagnostic tools. Don’t be that person!

This is The Stethoscope That You Want to be Wearing Around Your Neck or Gripped in Your Hand When a Patient Sees You for the First Time as They are Trying to Decide Whether to Trust You or Not.

You know that it is important that they do trust you and whether it’s right or not, people do judge a book by its cover. And yes, you can feel confident when you assess your patient. This stethoscope provides the quality of sound that you want to hear when you place the bell on their chest and it’s up to you to decide whether to tell the doctor if the patients has crackles, wheezes or is clear. You have to get it right because the doctor’s choice of treatment will depend on your answers. To help you get the right answers you need a stethoscope that is as serious as you are about their care.

You Can Use the Premium Stethoscope for Hours and You Will Not be Distracted by any Ear Discomfort Because the Premium Stethoscope Has the High End Soft Earpieces.

No pain in your ears means you have the comfort to focus on your job. The tight seal that these ear pieces provide lets you hear confidently without worrying that the sound you hear will be watered down from the surrounding environment. The solid thicker tubing will provide a sound that catches more. You will hear the blood pressure, heart rate, heart tones and lung sounds in its purest form.

The Bell has Two Sides Giving You Options from Which to Better Capture the Tones an Sounds.

The bell also twists so that sound can only enter one side at a time. This was done purposely to block out unwanted surrounding sound. Just give the bell a twist to change which side you want to use. This feature makes it two stethoscopes in one.

Better Sound and No Stiff Neck!

We made the bell out of aluminum and that is a win-win for you. The heaviest part of the stethoscope can be the bell and you want that as light as possible.  Get a stethoscope that is as professional as your are.  That is smart!  Don’t you wish your co-workers had been so smart?

Oh by the Way, Those Co-Workers Who Have Been So Smart Have Something to Say. Just Read Their Comments Below.

  • “I am a nursing student in my first semester. My other classmates bought stethoscopes at the college bookstore (cheap and low quality). My Passionate Care stethoscope has held up to its name. I normally have a harder time hearing blood pressures, but with this stethoscope I can hear the heart beat and apical pulses, etc. even when I am in a louder environment. One of my fellow classmates had to buy a new stethoscope, which she spent more money than I did. Another classmate had hers break and she had to buy another one as well. The stethoscope is definitely worth them money that I spent. It provides clear sounds, the ear pieces adjust easily and don't hurt my ears like others, and the weight, length, and diameter of the tubing are good dimensions. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and recommend it to others.”  TERRY
  • “I wanted to let you know that I recently passed boards and started a new job and bought myself the Pro Care stethoscope. I absolutely love it! I was speechless after realizing how affordable it was and using it for the first time. I love it so much and am so glad I came across the article that introduced me to it! It definitely was above my expectations!” ÁMY
  • “This is the one you need to buy.. I love the sound, the quality. I may just buy a second one.. Don't miss this....."  FAYE
  • "Just wanted to let you know, I received the stethoscope.  I find it to be well made, packaging was excellent, and the sound quality is terrific.  I am so glad I found this on Amazon.  I have been an LVN for over 10 years now and this the best stethoscope I have used so far. Thanks and good luck and success." ............MICHAEL GOEKLER LVN
  • “Amazing stethoscope with adjustable ear pieces which is so great. Not all stethoscopes have that ability so this is much better. Heavy duty, high quality. Used in the ER by nurse. #hippiehappy approved.”....... Danyel
  • "The stethoscope is exactly what my wife needed for her nursing school she loves it.  Thank you" ........MARK
  • “Our son is a BSN at a local Children's Hospital. He asked for a new stethoscope to have in his locker in case he needed a back up at work.  We purchased him a really expensive one that was required by the nursing school but he says he likes this one better. According to him, this one fits better, feels better when using it and provides a clearer reading which he appreciates when working with children that don't sit still or don't want you messing with them any longer than necessary.” .......SHERYL
  • “I work as an EMT. The Passionate Care Cardiology Stethoscope is pretty accurate. The design is set for a long life expectancy. The dual bells work perfectly and the switch valve does not slip nor is hard to turn. The ear pieces hook on easily and are not uncomfortable. The bells quality surpassed all my expectations. The sounds come over clear and crisp. This is very important. I was able to hear sounds clearly on small subjects like my pets. I did this to see how well the sound came over using something smaller. I am extremely pleased with this particular stethoscope and my previous one which I have had for 4 years is to be retired immediately. I highly recommend this particular stethoscope. Especially if you are either out in the field or doing venues like concerts/ festivals, or just have issues with chronic allergies and or sinuses. The dual bell for pediatric and adult patients worked out perfectly. I am very happy with this product” ............CM

Next Thing You Know I Will be Letting You Try it for Free. Yup, I Just Went There.

We have a strange but true policy of letting you take it to work, use it for a whole sixty days and if it doesn’t live up to YOUR expectations then you can return it for a full refund on the price of the stethoscope. Sorry, can't do the shipping but it’s still one HECK of a DEAL!

There you go, now money is not an issue and no longer and excuse. Hey out our prices it should not have ever been.

To Sum It Up, Like You, We Are Passionate About What We Do.

Passionate Care Premium Stethoscope, the Right Stethoscope for Your Level of Passionate Care.

We Offer The Fast Shipping And Hassle Free Returns

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Why Buy From Us?

We Are Real Health Care Professional Who Are In The Field Just Like You.

We know what you are looking for and what your needs are because they are our needs too. We know how important it is for our tools to work correctly every time and we need them to be practical. We need them to be accessibly and they can’t weigh us down because we are always on the move. These are all things that we look for and test before we say that they are right for Passionate Care.

A Few Reasons You Should Buy From Us

  • You get to try our products for 60 days out in your field of practice and decide for yourself if the quality matches up to your standards. If you are not happy, and we mean “Over The Moon Happy”, then you can return them and we WILL REFUND YOU; instantly and with no explanation needed.
  • We have fast shipping! Your order will be handled quickly and with your choice of shipping you will be able to count on having it when you need it.
  • You will be proud of your purchase. Our products come with a statement. When you are using our products your patients will know that you are passionate about what you get to do. They will know that making them feel better is important to you because the name on your stethoscope says it all, “Passionate Care”.
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