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Premium Scar Gel

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Applying the Premium Scar Gel gives you the reassurance that you are doing something about your scar and healing. You are not standing by helplessly hoping that things will turn out “OK” in the end. How could you when the way your look is in danger of potentially changing into something that will embarrass you forever?

Raul Meza didn’t. When his only baby girl was 10 months old and learning to walk, she stumbled during one of her brave attempts and sliced open her eyebrow on the corner of some furniture. Raul rushed her to the emergency room and demanded that only plastic surgeon stitch her up. He was of course thinking of how his daughter would feel about herself and protecting her self esteem and confidence as she was growing up.

Once that was taken care of he sought and interviewed doctors and wound care specialist about the proper care that would provide the optimal healing experience with the most minimal to zero resulting scar. He got all the answers he needed and quickly provided that attention to his daughter. You see Raul could do that because he was a very loved and respective critical care nurse at that hospital. He had an advantage, an “In” with the right people.

His efforts paid off as his daughter is now a preteen with the prettiest face and no memory or evidence of her toddler mishap.

But the story doesn’t end there. Out of this knowledge and desire for others to experience this same outcome, Raul brought his now 20+ years of wound healing experience to the team here at “The Healing Touch”. Picking the best ingredients for optimal healing with minimal to almost zero scarring.  This resulted in our most popular line of products headlined by our very own “Premium Scar Gel”.

Key Points

NO MORE ITCHING LIKE CRAZY. It is ideal even for sensitive and thin skin. You can enjoy using it without a crazy itching, intolerable stinging or a burning sensation. You will smile at the fading and soft touch of your once firm, red and angry scar. It comes with a smooth, cool feeling of comfort when applied.

FADES AND LIGHTENS SCARS. In a short time you will see the scar lighten and become less noticeable. It helps fade new scars quicker and even older scars lighten with use over a longer period of time. Some new scars are even known to vanish with repeated product application.

FLATTENS KELOIDS- EVEN OLD ONES. Comes with a pleasant aroma. It doesn't smell bad so you won't have to worry about smelling like medicine. In fact it has a pleasant smell, it's faint and doesn't linger. The scent is very light and often reported to be similar to scents found in very high and expensive beauty products.

DOESN'T STICK TO YOUR CLOTHES. Goes on smoothly and softens the skin. Even creates protection and healing for the surrounding skin.

60 DAY EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE. What does that mean? It means that when you order now, know that you're protected by a 60 day, no questions ask money back guarantee - just return the jar (even if you return the bottle completely empty). Your satisfaction is our goal. Read our reviews and you will see that we mean what we say.

Active Ingredients

Premium Scar Gel has Dimethicone, the best way to create a protective barrier and healing environment for your wound. A healing wound is like an unprotected hatch-ling that is surrounded by dangerous and unwanted lurkers. Think of it as applying security and protection to something as precious as your healing skin.

We include Collaxyl which enhance original skin regeneration (basically means less scarring and more like you want it to be).

The way you look is important so we also include ingredients that will baby and soften your skin while it’s under repair. It keeps the surrounding area looking and feeling healthy.

List of ingredients:

Aqua, dimethicone, panthenol, hexapeptide-9 (collaxyl), allantoin, Rosa rubiginosa (rosehip) seed oil, carbomer, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate.

What are users saying?

Premium Scar Gel As Seen On Fox

As seen on FOX News, Regina Denice Thompson shared her remarkable experience with the Premium Scar Gel. "I had breast reduction surgery on July 22nd, about 4 weeks ago", "I have been using your product for the last 10 or 11 days and my scars are almost invisible. This scar gel is amazing, and I'm shocked that more people aren't singing it's praises! I had a follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon today, both he and the nurse were speechless at how well I had healed and how my anchor scars are nearly invisible. Thank you so much!"


Feel Good About The Way You Look

Let people be impressed with your confidence,who you really are, how beautiful you are, watch as they warm up to you because they are looking at you and not your scar. Its almost as if it had never happened.

Wouldn’t you trust the ingredients that plastic surgeons prefer?

Of course you would. One of the reasons that so many customers use The Premium Scar Gel is because of its special blend of high quality ingredients. We purposely went out of our way to inquire and get the same high quality ingredients that plastic surgeons all around the country demand for their high profile clients.

This is just one example of many on how we meticulously made sure that you are getting the best product possible. And yes it's true that if you compared us on price to some of less quality options that you might find on the market, you will find that we come up on the higher end of the price spectrum. But aren't you worth a little bit more?

Isn't your beauty, looks and confidence worth a Premium Scar Gel to you?

We are able to create the premium blend and the premium experience that you deserve to have. So skip shopping the aisles at your local store for store brand scar creams that don’t work any better than petroleum jelly and treat yourself to the premium experience that comes when you purchase the Premium Scar Gel today.

Healthcare professionals agree.

The sooner you start with the scar treatment the better your results. Older or bigger scars require more applications; consider ordering 2 bottles for your uninterrupted use. Now that you are informed that time is a factor, feel free to make your best decision and order today.

Topical use only, not for open wounds.


Use for scars related to surgery or injury. Also highly effective with acne scars as well as stretch marks and c-section scars. May use on burn scars. Do not use on open wounds.


Apply twice daily, you will want to gently massage over the area of your scar until it is absorbed. For optimal results please continue using for 8 to 12 weeks.

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Why Buy From Us?

We Are Real Health Care Professional Who Are In The Field Just Like You.

We know what you are looking for and what your needs are because they are our needs too. We know how important it is for our tools to work correctly every time and we need them to be practical. We need them to be accessibly and they can’t weigh us down because we are always on the move. These are all things that we look for and test before we say that they are right for Passionate Care.

A Few Reasons You Should Buy From Us

  • You get to try our products for 60 days out in your field of practice and decide for yourself if the quality matches up to your standards. If you are not happy, and we mean “Over The Moon Happy”, then you can return them and we WILL REFUND YOU; instantly and with no explanation needed.
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